Photoionization is the Future of Wastewater Odor Control (Ambio)

Photoionization (PI) utilizes ultraviolet light and a catalyst to kill odors. The process starts with UV treatment of the odorous air as it passes through the PI reactor chamber. The UV treatment creates free radicals (O- 2, OH-, O3, etc.) that begin to oxidize the odor causing compounds. After the UV treatment, the air passes…

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Aeration Approaches Bio-Wheel™ vs. Oxidation Ditch

Texas is dominated by WWTPs of 2 MGD or less. Those applications are particularly vulnerable to DO shortages during the seasonal temperature swings we experience here in Texas. Our long hot summers require special treatments to maintain TCEQ mandated DO performance. For example, many oxidation ditches are limited to 70% of their rated capacity during…

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