Vapex™ Environmental treats odor and Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) using a unique, patented process. The technology uses hydroxyl radicals, the second most powerful oxidant known, to eliminate odor and remediate FOG .  Municipalities across the United States have used Vapex™ products for more than 15 years because it is effective, easily installed, simple to operate and requires only electricity and water.  


FOG (fats, oils and, grease), MIC (microbial induced corrosion) and odor are destructive elements in wastewater that can be difficult to control or eradicate. To mitigate the nuisance odors causes, a powerful method that has been in use for over 15+ years is hydroxyl radical oxidation. This presentation explains how hydroxyl radicals oxidize odors and eliminate FOG and corrosion with results in real-world applications.

Case Study:

at Lift Station with Vapex Technology

Quality Sitework Materials and Vapex Environmental Technologies helped the City of Thibodaux with an odor control problem at one of its lift stations recently.

QSM represents Vapex in Louisiana, South Mississippi, and the Panhandle of Florida. Vapex designs and manufactures odor control technology deployed at wastewater plants, lift stations, and commercial facilities.

Vapex odor control units create one of nature’s most powerful oxidants, the hydroxyl radical. Oxidizers are a class of agents that break down organic substances, you know, the smelly ones we have all experienced when riding past lift stations, or for example, the breakdown of organic compounds around sewer plants and in many commercial and industrial establishments.

One of the benefits of this technology is that hydroxyl radicals chemically react immediately with the odor causing compounds leaving no toxic byproducts, residues, or VOCs. Ancillary benefits include the remediation of fats, oils and greases, and the mitigation of microbial induced corrosion. All of this without the addition of costly, damaging chemicals.

It is a proven, accepted, established and effective technology to control or eliminate odors. QSM’s Fred Escher and TJ Truxillo met with Thibodaux’s Kevin Chiasson at Thibodaux’s Department of Public Works. Escher suggested they run a pilot project. In effect, Vapex worked with QSM to deliver and install a test system in Thibodaux. Once operational, the unit ran continuously for five days, and residents noticed a difference immediately.

This was Thibodaux’s first time in the Vapex pilot program. The program is extended to anyone who wants to experience a test run of the Vapex odor control technology. Vapex is a cost effective, sustainable, and proven technology. It is chemical free, low noise, low energy and produces immediate results when it comes to eliminating odors in the most vexing situations. Thibodaux will install its first permanent Vapex unit in June.

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