Aeration Approach Comparison

Aeration Approach Comparison


Vision Equipment offers several WWTP approaches for treatment capacities up to 2.0 MGD. When evaluating WWTP approaches the biological process is the most significant variable. As the WWTP capacity passes 1.0 MGD the sludge processing approach becomes a consideration but aside from that, each approach shares headworks screening, de-gritting and effluent disinfection.

The TCEQ 217 regs stipulate that aeration technologies unable to be repaired with the basin full are required to provide redundant basins or equalization basins.

Three following five biological processes typically are considered:

  • Aeration by Rotating Bio-Wheel
  • Conventional Treatment with Aerated Basins
  • Oxidation Ditch by Rotating Drum or Shafted Mixer
  •  Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR)
  •  Retrievable Submersible Aeration Mixer (SAM)


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