Mcallen North WWTP Upgrade


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McAllen Public Utility – North WWTP


McAllen Public Utility (MPU) contracted with Dannenbaum Engineering in 2005 to start the design for the expansion of the MPU North WWTP. The project was planned to increase the average daily plant flow from 6 to 10 MGD. The final design made use of their several existing structures while adding major components to every treatment process. Funding for the project required utilization of equipment meeting the “Buy America” and “EPA Green” guidelines.


Pre-design equipment vetting consisted of many trips by the MPU staff to evaluate equipment they might consider as the design solidified. Ultimately the design was finished and the bid for the new 10 MGD expansion occurred in October of 2009.


MPU and Dannendaum Engineering selected several “new to Texas” processes for the digester aeration and blowers, both technologies offered by Vision Equipment (VE). They have proven to meet performance expectations and be very reliable.


CSA was the low bid contractor and through CSA VE delivered the Headworks Screens, Headworks Odor Control- BioScrubbers, Secondary Clarifiers, Aeration Blowers, Digester Blowers, Digester Aeration and Rotary Lobe Pumps for sludge transfer and dewatering.


Notable technical points include:


  • Secondary Clarifiers with 10 Year Warranty on Lower Seal
  • Secondary Clarifier Feedwells Proven to Withstand Major Rain Events
  • Turbo Blowers
  • Submersible Aeration Mixers (SAMs) for Digester Aeration
  • Onsite Hypochlorite Generation