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Envirodyne Systems Inc. was founded in 1971 in Camp Hill, PA. They custom design and manufacture a full range of water and wastewater treatment equipment for municipal and industrial applications. They have built a reputation for providing high-quality, reliable equipment and imaginative solutions to unique problems. For more company information please visit their website at: http://www.envirodynesystems.com/.

Claro is a Canadian company that specializes in the design & supply of complete anaerobic digestion mixing systems—high-performance, proprietary Big Bubble Gun gas mixers, compressors, AccuBubble (electronic mixing system monitoring), controls, sludge-to-sludge heat recovery exchangers & water-to-sludge heat exchangers. We also can supply integrated co-generation solutions as part of our designs. We have 35+ years of experience behind our equipment & system designs.

Grit Separation

  • Grit Classifiers with optional cyclones
  • Bridge-Supported Scraper Type Grit Collectors (Detritors)
  • Horizontal Screw Type Grit Collectors
  • Inclined Screw Type Grit Collectors
    Vortex Grit Removal Systems
  • Chain-and-Scraper Type Grit Collectors
  • Chain-and-Bucket Type Grit Collectors
  • Combination Screw/Bucket Elevator Grit Removal Systems
  • Roll-O-Ver™ Grit Removal Systems
  • Other Custom Equipment


Brush Aerators








Surface Aerators



Models Available
  • Draft Tube Type
  • Lance-Type Gas Mixing
  • Air Lift-Type Gas Mixing Systems


  • Center-Feed, Peripheral Overflow
  • Peripheral-Feed, Center Overflow
  • Peripheral-Feed, Peripheral Overflow
  • Solids Contact/Reactor Designs

  Models Available:

  • Bridge-Supported Scraper Type
  • Bridge-Supported Suction Header Type
  • Bridge-Supported Rapid Visual Sludge Removal (Uptake Pipe) Type
  • Column-Supported Scraper Type
  • Column-Supported Suction Header Type
  • Column-Supported Rapid Visual Sludge Removal (Uptake Pipe) Type

Features Available:

  • Hercules Drives
  • Sprial Scraper Blades
  • Enhanced Energy Dissipating Wells
  • Conventional Energy Dissipating Wells
  • Sludge Withdrawal Rings
  • Variety of Skimmer Designs
  • Full-Radius Scum Troughs
  • Turbine Flocculators
  • Paddle Flocculators
  • Other Special Features


Oxidation Ditch

  • Envirodyne brush rotor aerators provide outstanding oxygen transfer and mixing in oxidation ditches of any geometry.
  • The Conventional Loop Reactors offer unsurpassed reliability, simplicity and economy. Effluent of the finest quality is achieved without the high capital and operating costs of more complex technologies.
  • The Global™ Aeration Systems are designed for advanced biological nutrient removal. The double or triple concentric ditch arrangement allows for stratification in dissolved oxygen levels resulting in selective pressures on the biomass to remove nitrogen and phosphorus.

Rotary Distributors

Models Available
  • Reaction-Driven, Mechanical Seal
  • Reaction-Driven, "Seal-less"
  • Motor-Driven, Mechanical Seal
  • Motor-Drive, "Seal-less"

Features Available
  • 2-arm, 3-arm, 4-arm
  • Painted Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum Construction
  • Circular, Rectangular or Trapezoidal Shaped Arms
  • Vari-Speed Control Systems for Operating Motor-Driven Units
  • Other Special Features

Belt Filter Press

  • The All-American™ Press is an innovation in belt filter press technology with an open, operator-accessible architecture and optional vertical pressure roll configuration.
  • Each All-American™ Press is custom designed for the application with the plant operator in mind. Component materials, geometry and quality have all been upgraded to offer maximum machine reliability along with process flexibility and simplicity.
  • The All-American™ Press embodies all the recognized principles of good Belt Filter Press design. It is simple, reliable and easy to operate. The design has sufficient flexibility to accommodate nearly all types of sludges which are likely to be generated in a treatment facility. All components are rugged, heavy-duty industrial quality suited for continuous 24 hr./day, 7 day/ wk. service.
  • The All-American™ Press is also backed by a company long known for responsive service and competitive prices, dedicated to continuous design improvement and making each job a success.

Models Available

  • Model US - 2-belt, integral gravity section, horizontal pressure roll configuration
  • Model US3 - 3-belt, independent gravity section, horizontal pressure roll configuration
  • Model USA - 3-belt, independent drum gravity section, horizontal pressure roll configuration
  • Model USV - 2-belt, integral gravity section, vertical pressure roll configuration
  • Model US3V - 3-belt, independent gravity section, vertical pressure roll configuration
  • Model USAV - 3-belt, independent drum gravity section, vertical pressure roll configuration

Claro Big Bubble Gun

The Claro Big Bubble Gun Mixer's new state-of-the-art bubble injector & tripod supports makes il the moslenergy efficient,
maintenance-free, &easy-to-install solution to a wide variety of mixing applicalionsfromdigestermixing to lake destratification.

Large piston-bubbles-recognized as the most energy efficient means of liquid displacement-are injected into the unit's
submerged draft tube at a predetermined frequency. As these piston-bubbles are displaced upward , they create a strong
pumping and surface-breaking action that a) mixes large quantities of liquid drawn from the bottom of the tank, b) scours the tank
floor of sediments. and c) prevents floating scum build-up. Claro mixers can deliver up to an impressive 95%active volume.


  • anaerobic & aerobic sludge digester mixing
  • scum destruction in digesters & sludge holding tanks
  • wave breaking & de-icing of harbours
  • lake destratification
  • heating & cooling of host liquid with optional heat exchanger jacket
  • demandi ng mixing applica tions; high viscosity, high suspended solids including mining slurries, & very deep bodies of liquid

Claro's unique bubble injector produces robust piston-bubbles that cohere quickly across the full diameter of the draft tube cycllnder. A faster, broader and more resilient bubble means that Claro mixers
deliver more liquid flow with every bubble emission-and more mixing per unit of energy.

Claro bubble mixers are equipped with a non-clog bubble injector and the only failsafe flushing system that enables total clean-out of all bubble injector internals & stack pipe-without draining the tank.
Increased pumping power & direct-mount supports minimize sedimentation & tank maintenance.


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